This week was all about two of the best people I have here – Alice and Anna. It was Anna’s 21st birthday on Wednesday, and Alice’s on Friday, so we obviously decided to make a ‘birthweek’ out of it.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly slow. It turns out me bragging about how easy uni is has come back to bite me, and the stress has begun, as have a hell of a lot of exams/tests/coursework deadlines. However, I decided to put it to the back of my head and spend the majority of the free time I had over the weekend working.

Wednesday morning, I was about to leave the flat for my 10.30 class when I got an email from the teacher saying it was cancelled – best thing EVER. After the gym, I went over to my fave work/book cafe to do a little bit of work before seeing Anna to start celebrating. We bought some snacks and prosecco, and went to hers to consume it all.

image1 (10)

Anna had recommended somewhere to go for dinner called Ksar (http://www.leksar.fr/), authentic Moroccan food and suuuuch a cosy interior. We headed there around 8 and met the girls, and although the wait for the food was long, it was SO worth it. The second best meal I’ve had here (anyone from Toulouse already knows the first *cough* meet the meat). The food was full of flavour, a little pricey, but so yum.

image3 (8)

image2 (10)


Al and I waddled home full, content, and full of bday excitement for her special day!

Thursday was boring and work-orientated. I headed round to Annabelle’s for a quiet Thursday evening which in my mind would probably end up with a girly chick flick and maybe a glass of wine. Now things got a little out of hand, I have no photo evidence of the night but it ended up with Alice and I getting home around 2.30/3, crying on the floor about how much we loved each other and couldn’t bare the thought of leaving even though we are going to the same place in Spain when we leave France.

It’s safe to say we woke up on Al’s 21st birthday feeling a liiiiittle worse for wear. We all know when you wake up after a night drinking you still feel a little bit under the influence and think you’re ready to conquer the world. Well, that’s how Alice felt. She woke up and went into uni for her 8.30am, absolutely hats off to the girl because I could not have done the same. She came home defeated, and in need of coffee and croissants. Of course I had organised some of the girls to come round to celebrate with her. So in they came baring gifts of baked goods and we sat and had a lovely breakfast.

image4 (8)

The Christmas market opened on Friday too, so we strolled around the city for a bit, taking in the fresh air, but decided the market would be way better at night and we had dinner reservations so Al and I made our way back and napped off the remains of the hangover. We woke up raring to go, had a quick turn around, and headed out to the market which oh my god, it definitely did not disappoint. It made me fall in love with the city even more, which I didn’t even think was possible. I tried to capture it in photos, but I still don’t think they did it justice.

We bought some sweets and a mulled wine, and strolled round the various little pop up cabins selling a melange of things, from food and drink, to furniture. I’ll definitely be returning to get some xmas pressies. After that we decided to go on the carousel at Jean Jaures, something we’ve been saying we want to do since getting here, and I think we both turned into 5 year olds for the entire 3 minutes it lasted. After that, we met the gals for dinner at Pizza Pino in Place Wilson (http://www.pizzapino.fr/home.php), and after wine, and ALOT of pasta and bread, we again found ourselves a little bit tipsy and waddling back to the flat to our beds. We knew Saturday was going to be a big night so got all the beauty sleep we could.

Saturday day was spent working, knowing that not much else would get done over the weekend. Al and I (god I’ve said that a lot in this blog), headed over to Anna’s to get the flat ready for a big 21st bday pre-drinks, and to get ready. Suuuuuch a fun night, I’m still not over how much fun I had. Just spent it dancing with the bday gals and my favourite bham girls. (Missing one though Sim!!)

image10 (3)

image11 (1)

I’ve felt a little bit dull this week and I thought it was homesickness, but after such a fun weekend I honestly think it’s me getting emotional about leaving here. I’ve met so many amazing people, have had THE best time and can’t believe that in 2 and a half weeks I’ll be getting on a plane home, then just have to come back in January for a few exams and then it’s on to Spain. Spending Sunday in the flat with Alice, doing absolutely nothing but laughing about silly things we always do and scrolling through hilariously bad youtube videos was actually one of the happiest days I’ve had here! So a little shout out to my trooper of a flatmate – I hope you had the bestest birthday week/weekend because you really REALLY deserved it. As much as I hate you leaving the window open after a shower, when you forget to take the filter out the coffee machine and end up making a very weak coffee/hot water mixture, and that the living room table is now just a shrine to you, I love you and your crazy ways to absolute pieces and can’t bare the thought of not living with you for the next stunt of our trip.

Sorry for the emotions, I purposely got up an hour early this morning just so I could listen to Buble’s Christmas album, open my advent calendar and write this blog! Have a good week all of you!! XX


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