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Hello again after a looooong couple of weeks away from my blog.

I’ve been pretty busy enjoying life with some of my favourite people and now they’re all gone I’ve finally got time to sit down and chat to you guys about what I’ve been up to (mostly eating). I cannot believe how fast my time here is going, I finish uni in less that 4 weeks and my exams end in 5 weeks, and my year abroad is over. Obviously am ignoring this for as long as possible so haven’t actually booked a flight home yet and my temporary plan is just to stay here forever because I’ve fallen in love with Spain and all the people here too. Anyway, this is gonna be a long’n so sit down, get a cuppa and enjoy looking at all my pretty pictures of how much food I have managed to consume the last couple of weeks!

So, I was lucky enough for my friend Dita to come and visit 2 weekends ago, and we were even more lucky with the weather. She arrived late Friday night and I don’t actually seem to have that much to report from the weekend. Because of the weather, we spent all of Saturday on the beach bumping up our tans aaand, well, I won’t go into Saturday night too much, but long story short, and a bottle of gin between us, we ended up in a taxi home in the early hours of Sunday morning and a very bad/deserved hangover when we woke up late afternoon on the Sunday. NEVER again. We managed to force ourselves out of bed on Sunday and actually had a very pleasant afternoon of brunch, walking round the city and a little bit of soaking up the sol in the park.

Monday morning we thought we would wake up hangover free, but our bodies apparently hadn’t punished us enough so decided to drag on the hangover, I got up and went to uni, and Dita spend the day shopping and we just cooked a yummy dinner at home, watched a film, and got an early night.

Tuesday delighted us with the arrival of two of the Toulouse gals, Liv and Dal. We strolled around the city, stopped off for some cake, and as it was Dita’s last night in Valencia, we went for dinner at PataNegra ( Valencia_Valencia_Province_Valencian_Country.html). Note : order the chocolate croquetas, thank me later. 

Dita left Wednesday morning and the next few days were spent cramming for my ‘History of Art’ module’s class test. About 50 pages of notes later, and quite an in depth knowledge of the layout of several different types of churches, Roman sculptures, Roman houses, arcs, amphitheatre’s, bridges, and several other things that will never be of use to me in later life, I was starting to feel ‘ok’ about the test. Turns out it was 20 multiple choice questions on things I had no idea about, so I just ticked and hoped for the best.

So, after this test, Dita leaving, saying bye to the Toulouse girls, and almost being on £0, what better way to be cheered up than your mummy arriving. Mumma arrived on Saturday and left this morning and we had the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. We stayed in a hotel just by Turia for 2 nights (, and the final night at mine.

Saturday night we were pretty tired so just walked into the old town and grabbed some tapas and a glass of vino and got an early night. Sunday was for brunch (classic) and exploring. I have got obsessed with the health app on iPhones, and it’s actually getting a bit worrying. I can’t go an hour without checking how many steps I’ve done, and this weekend I managed to get mummy obsessed too. We did 20,000 steps on Sunday, and 18,000 yesterday. Mum has a fitbit and was using that to track her steps, turns out she’s in a competition with 7 random people and she’s normally bottom of the leader board, and now she’s top (in your Jessica F).

Anyway, Sunday we walked through the park, were put to absolute shame by all the runners, wondered round the Sunday markets in the old town, went and had a look at the bullring aaand went for brunch at Dulce de Leche ( After a very leisurely lunch, I got a text from Izzy ( saying that there was a DOG SHOW going on in the park, so I dragged mumma there, admired some of the dogs, and we made our way back to the hotel. In the eve we strolled back into town, and treated ourselves to a lobster paella in central (can’t remember the name on the restaurant apologies). Of course after that the plan was to go get an ice cream and walk back, but that quickly changed into a cosmo and puddings and a taxi home. (

Monday morning I was very pleased to see my student loan had come in, so obviously the day was spent shopping so not much to report there. As it was mumma’s last night, I decided to treat her to dinner here ( Suuuuuch a good meal, and not normally something we would normally go for. I had the tuna and mum had the cous cous tagine, both GREAT choices. Pudding blew our minds, some kind of cookie/melted choc/ice cream goodness all in the cutest lil pan. Our plan for a ‘light’ dinner failed, but we’d done so many steps it didn’t even count, right?

We headed back to mine, got a good nights sleep and woke up this morning and said our farewells. It’s not often I get my mum all to myself because there are normally siblings in the way, so it was so so so nice to spend some time with her. I think we talked about anything and everything, and I’ve woken up today raring to go for the week ahead and a million times happier than I was last week.

So a big thanks to everyone who has come to visit, you give me things to look forward to and memories that I’ll never forget. Now onto Ibiza this weekend with Annabelle (lol wish us luck), a few weeks of revision aaaand then it’ll be my last summer before the stress of final year and officially having to adult.



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